german spa trip






At the last minute, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to northern Germany for some rest and relaxation a the Grand Spa-Arosa in Travemünde. Travemünde is about a four hour drive from Copenhagen. On the way there we drove to Rødby (DK) and boarded the Scandlines ferry for a short 45 minute cruise to Puttgarden (DE).

Once in Germany the spa is about an hour drive on scenic roads through rural towns and farms. The drive is beautiful, however we encountered a heavy snowstorm for part of the journey.

Spa A-rosa is a true 5 star resort. Situated across the street from the beach promenade, the hotel offers sea views and is only steps away from the ocean. The rooms are spacious and well appointed with a lounge area, double sinks, a spa shower, and ample storage space.

The hotel offers two dining options: Buddenbrooks, a Michelin star restaurant, Wintergarden, featuring a buffet and specialty cooked dishes. We dined in Wintergarden for breakfast and dinner and I must say this is the best buffet I have experienced. Everything is fresh, and there are many options for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

The spa facilities are truly spectacular featuring a huge indoor outdoor pool, indoor heated pool, two saunas, 4 steam rooms, outdoor pool adjacent to the saunas, and a relaxing room. The photos I’ve taken don’t do the spa justice. My favorite aspect of the spa is that everyone wears their bathrobes from the room to the spa so there is no need to change.

In addition to the spa there is a well equipped gym and daily fitness classes; I tried spinning and yoga (at no additional feel) during the stay.

The trip was fabulous, my only criticism is the staff, about half of the staff do not speak English. Which I find disappointing for a 5 star resort, whose website is available in German, English, and Danish. Some of the wait staff does not speak a word of English, the resort should offer an English course for its staff when they advertise the resort to English speaking patrons.20120307-230437.jpgbr />



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