Fælledparken Skatepark

Fælledparken, located in the Østerbro neighborhood of Copenhagen, is undergoing a major renovation thanks to a 154 million kroner ($ 27,000,000.00) donation from the AP Møller Foundation. Fælledparken is one of the larger parks in Copenhagen and is known for its wide open space, perfect for playing soccer, frisbee, grilling, etc.

One of my favorite features of the renovation is the new skatepark, designed by Nordarch. The skatepark is one of the largest in Northern Europe and fits beautifully into the landscape. Skateboarders have a difficult time finding space to practice, and the city of Copenhagen has created a top-notch skatepark for them to enjoy.

Constructed in concrete with a total of 55,000 square feet/ 4,600 square meters, the skatepark contains street areas, bowl areas, a vert ramp and a large seating/hang out area for spectators and visitors. Skateboarders seem to enjoy the park, every time I pass buy it’s buzzing with activity.

To see concept, construction, and completion photos visit the Nordarch website.

Address: Fælledparken, Edel Sauntes Allé, København, Denmark


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